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The American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM)

Black Hills Health and Education Center
Post Office Box 19, Hermosa, SD 57744
Phone: 800-658-5433 | Fax: 605-255-4687
Web site:
Types of programs offered:
Wellness program provides 13- or 20-day live-in assistance for diabetes, heart and vascular diseases, obesity, smoking, depression, allergies, arthritis, fatigue, and general health. Live-in sessions.

Lifestyle Center of America
Route One, Box 4001, Sulphur, OK 73086
Phone: 800-213-8955 | Fax: 405-993-3902
Web site:
Types of programs offered:
One-day, three-day, seven-day, 10-day, 12-day, 19-day Residential, physician-supervised, lifestyle education specializing in the prevention/reversal of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, weight reduction, smoking cessation, stress-related illnesses, corporate physicals, group wellness retreats. Live-in and walk-in sessions.

Eden Valley Lifestyle Center
6263 North County Road 29, Loveland, CO 80538
Phone: 800-637-9355 | Fax: 970-667-1742
Web site:
Types of programs offered:
18-day lifestyle program designed for smoking cessation, stress management, and weight loss; treatment of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, allergies, cancer, and other degenerative diseases; physician-guided use of diet, exercise, herbal remedies, hydrotherapy, and message therapy. Live-in sessions.

Uchee Pines Lifestyle Center
30 Uchee Pines Road #75, Seale, AL 36875-5702
Phone: 334-855-4764 | Fax: 334-855-9014
Web site:
Types of programs offered:
Treatment of lifestyle related disorders by board-certified physicians, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, stress, substance abuse, and chronic diseases. Lifestyle modification includes an emphasis in hydrotherapy, herbs, and faith in God. Live-in and walk-in sessions

Weimar Institute
20601 West Paoli Lane, Post Office Box 486
Weimar, CA 95736
Phone: 916-637-4111; 1-800-525-9192
Web site:
Types of programs offered:
NEWSTART® lifestyle education (individualized nutrition, exercise, and hydrotherapy under medical supervision), reversing diabetes, cooking schools, medical examinations and screening. Live-in and walk-in sessions.

Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital
435 Lifestyle Lane, Wildwood, GA 30757
Phone: 706-820-1493/1-800-634-9355 | Fax: 706-820-1474
Web site:
Types of programs offered:
17- or 10-day lifestyle program using natural healing. Includes medical clinic and 13-bed hospital; also offers a 6-month lifestyle educators' course. Live-in sessions.

Loma Linda University - Center for Health Promotion
Evans Hall, Loma Linda, CA 92350
Phone: 1-800-824-4949 | Fax: 909-558-4838
Types of programs offered:
International travel clinic, weight management, nutritional counseling, corporate wellness, smoking cessation, stress management, exercise and fitness, lifestyle multi-risk reduction. Walk-in sessions.

Pacific Health Education Center
5300 California Avenue, Suite 200, Bakersfield, CA 93309
Phone: 661-633-5300 | Fax: 661-633-5302
Types of programs offered:
Smoking cessation, weight reduction, stress management, parenting classes, vegetarian cooking classes, health education training seminars, training courses in how to give health seminars; Heartbeat, a national outreach program for churches. Live-in and walk-in sessions.

Adventist Medical Center
10123 SE Market Street, Portland, OR 97216
Phone: 503-257-2500 | Fax: 503-261-6994
Types of programs offered:
Grief support, vegetarian cooking, diabetes management and support, first aid, stress management, effective communication, financial management, cancer support, smoking cessation, aerobic exercises, maternity and parenting classes, senior health seminars. Walk-in sessions.

Bella Vista Hospital
Carretera 349 km 2.9, Mayaguez, PR 00681
Phone: 787-834-2350, Ext. 6216 | Fax: 787-831-6315
Types of programs offered:
Smoking cessation, alcohol and drug education, diabetes control, prenatal and parenting classes, nutrition, natural remedies, sexually transmitted diseases. Walk-in sessions.

Castle Medical Center
46-001 Kamehameha Highway, Suite 104, Kaneohe, HI 9674 4
Phone: 808-235-8737 | Fax: 808-236-1119
Types of programs offered:
Smoking cessation, weight control, stress/anger management, CPR/first aid, medical self-care, vegetarian nutrition and cooking schools, corporate health screening, mobile health museum/clinic, aerobics and fitness, prenatal and parenting, mental health and addiction recovery. Walk-in sessions.

East Pasco Medical Center - Wellness Center
7050 Gall Boulevard, Zephyrhills, FL 33541
Phone: 813-788-0411 | Fax: 813-715-6607
Types of programs offered:
Wellness Challenge, a 21-day, total vegetarian, exercise and behavioral modification lifestyle change program (not live-in), support groups (cancers, Parkinson=s disease, bereavement, etc.) Cocaine Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, seminars (depression, healthy cooking, smoking cessation, etc.), prayer groups, message and water therapy, and a fitness center. Walk-in sessions

Hackettstown Community Hospital - Center for Healthier Living
180 Mountain Avenue, Hackettstown, NJ 07840
Phone: 908-850-6935 | Fax: 908-850-0827
Web site:
Types of programs offered:
Health screening, prenatal education, first aid, CPR, stress management, smoking cessation, diabetes management series, senior programs. Walk-in sessions

Huguley Health System
11801 South Freeway, Fort Worth, TX 76115
Phone: 817-568-5312 | Fax: 817-568-1292
Types of programs offered:
Fitness classes, smoking cessation, weight control, stress management, addiction recovery, health risk assessment. Live-in and walk-in sessions.

Paradise Valley Hospital - Center for Health Promotion
2400 East Fourth Street, National City, CA 91950
Phone: 619-470-4784 | Fax: 619-470-4281
Types of programs offered:
Classes on cholesterol/nutrition/hypertension, individual nutrition, weight management, diabetes management, juvenile diabetes support group, smoking cessation, asthma, osteoporosis, stress management, breast health. Walk-in sessions.

St. Helena Hospital and Health Center
650 Sanitarium Road , Deer Park, CA 94576
Phone: 1-800-358-9195 | Fax: 707-967-5618
Web site:
Types of programs offered:
Smoking and alcohol programs (seven days), McDougall program to prevent and care for lifestyle diseases (10 days), the Brain and Innate Giftedness Program (two days). Live-in and walk-in sessions.

White Memorial Medical Center
1720 Cesar E. Chavez Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90033
Phone: 323-268-5000
Types of programs offered:
Support groups (diabetes, domestic violence, strokes, Narcotics Anonymous, etc.), classes (nutrition, weight management, asthma, diabetes, aerobics, smoking cessation, etc.), senior events, referral services. Walk-in sessions.

Parkview Hospital - Health Education Department
329 Maine Street, Brunswick, ME 04011
Phone: 207-729-1641 | Fax: 207-725-8484
Types of programs offered:
CPR, babysitting, sign language, smoking cessation, grief recovery, lifestyle choices, prenatal and parenting classes, vegetarian cooking, weight control, diabetes control, asthma control, blood pressure and cholesterol control, men=s health, executive health, stress reduction, breast cancer reduction, lecture series. Walk-in sessions

Shady Grove Adventist Hospital
9901 Medical Center Drive, Rockville, MD 20850

Takoma Adventist Hospital
401 Takoma Avenue, Greenville, TN 37743
Phone: 423-639-3151 | Fax: 423-636-2374
Types of programs offered:
Diabetes management, prenatal health education, fibromyalgia. Walk-in sessions

Tillamook County General Hospital
1000 Third Street, Tillamook, OR 97141
Phone: 503-842-4444 | Fax: 503-842-3062
Types of programs offered:
Smoking cessation, low-fat cooking, employee wellness, In Pursuit of Excellent Health, childbirth preparation, maternity support. Walk-in sessions

Walla Walla General Hospital - Community Health
1025 South Second Avenue, Walla Walla, WA 99362
Phone: 509-525-0480 | Fax: 509-527-8225
Web site:
Types of programs offered:
Body fat assessment, weight management, exercise classes, cooking healthfully, CPR, grief recovery, smoking cessation, managing diabetes, cancer screening, employee wellness, pregnancy testing, senior health, cardiac program, childbirth and baby-sitting classes. Walk-in sessions.

Washington Adventist Hospital
7600 Carroll Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912
Prevention and Wellness Departments
Phone: 1-800-542-5096 (Registration for both hospitals.) | Fax 301-315-3135
Web site:
Types of programs offered:
exercise classes, maternity classes, physician lectures, CPR, healthy cooking, stress reduction, diabetes management, pediatric safety, smoking cessation, support groups.

MEET Ministry and Our Home Health Center
480 Neely Lane, Huntington, TN 38344
Phone: 731-986-3518 | Fax: 731-986-0582
Types of programs offered:
19-day lifestyle program for weight management, smoking cessation, stress management, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer prevention, etc. Medical Missionary training programs and workshops. Live-in sessions.

Lifestyle Medicine track - Preventive/Family Residency
Loma Linda, CA 92350
Phone: 909-558-4918
About: Four year combined program. Also has an international health track.

Preventive Care Program (DrPH)
School of Public Health, Nichol Hall, Loma Linda, CA 92350
Phone: 909-558-4546

Masters in Lifestyle Medicine (MPH)
School of Public Health, Nichol Hall, Loma Linda, CA 92350
Phone: 909-558-4546

Certificate in Lifestyle Intervention (CLI)
School of Public Health, Nichol Hall, Loma Linda, CA 92350
Phone: 909-558-4546

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